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Inspired by the events of our times, Vince Nash and Maritza Nelson write songs which explore our era’s personal, social and political challenges and joys.  Their rhythms are lively. Their lyrics tell memorable stories. Their songs are unforgettable. You will want to dance and sing along.

Their songs rejoice in love, passion, travel, and playful exploration of life’s pleasures.

They also write of commitment to making the world a better place.  ORGANIZE is perfect for political campaigns. LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN SING is inspired by the Children’s March For Our Lives.  OUR TEAM and WE’RE ALL IMMIGRANTS sing of the importance of generations of immigrants in making our country great.

Multi-talented Vince Nash performs and orchestrates their songs.

Nash and Nelson welcome you to play Vince Nash’s recordings of their songs at your events. Nash and Nelson  also welcome performers to sing and record their music. Click here to contact Nash and Nelson for use of their songs.

Maritza Nelson

Maritza Pick Nelson has always loved the power and beauty of words. She has traveled the world, learning new languages. She received her PhD in Comparative Literature and went on to write two popular books. First, LEAGUE OF LIARS, a thriller set in Vienna. Then HOW TO SAVE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, CITY OR TOWN, a grassroots guide to political activism which was translated into 5 languages. Her song lyrics tell of the many joys of life. Maritza lives in California and New Zealand with her husband, Warren Nelson.



Vince Nash

Vince Nash has been a professional musician for most of his life. At age 15 he joined his first band and wrote his first song. From that day on he knew his life direction. Playing and songwriting became his passion. Vince has toured the world with various bands and has written over 200 songs. Today, Vince is an active player, singer/songwriter and music and voice teacher. Vince lives in California with his beautiful wife, Leigh Lash-Nash.

​Life is music, and music is life. May the song play on...



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