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Our Songs

Dance of Life

On our precious planet, we all dance as one.
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Strong Woman

Give me a strong woman who loves without limits. Together we’ll create a better world.
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Afternoon Love

Smiling, laughing, feeling the excitement grow. We open the door, new worlds to explore.
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Boxes of Love

I’ve got boxes of love for you. Open one and look inside. When you need someone to care, say the word and I’ll be there. I’ve got everything you need, and it’s all for you.
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Lady Liberty

In search of the beautiful, the wild and the free, adventure calls. This song sings of the thrill of travel. I’ll explore the world, give adventure a whirl. Everyone my friend. Every land my home.
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Listen to the Children Sing

We want a safe world, a sane world. Together we will make a change.
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What can we do? We can organize. Not just agonize. We need to energize. Our life, our world, our planet, we need to protect. Whatever your story, wherever your home, when you organize, you’re never alone.
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We're All Immigrants

America , a great nation of immigrants. We’re all immigrants, we came from every land. Our families came to America to be free, work hard, and make a good life.
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Our Team

Baseball! The great American game! Players and fans, we millions came from many lands.Everyone with a different story, yet we’re all so much the same. Let’s play ball!
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Living On My Back

I laugh, I love and I relax. The great and simple pleasures of friendship, family and love. It seems to me I have a knack for living on my back. Come party with us!
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Some Nights

Why did we fight? All loving couples argue. The important thing is making up. Facing the end made me realize, I’m lost in this world without you by my side. That’s just how some nights go.
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